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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japanese Nuclear Meltdown Confirmed
March 12, 2011
As we accurately reported earlier today, the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan was the result of a nuclear meltdown of the reactor core at the facility.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) confirmed the meltdown Saturday afternoon. Fukushima is one of the 25 largest nuclear power stations in the world. The NISA is affiliated with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

High levels of cesium and iodine, by-products of nuclear fission, are being reported and providing more evidence that a nuclear meltdown is currently underway.

It is now certain Japan is experiencing a Chernobyl event. “At this point, events in Japan bear many similarities to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Reports indicate that up to 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) of the reactor fuel was exposed. The reactor fuel appears to have at least partially melted, and the subsequent explosion has shattered the walls and roof of the containment vessel – and likely the remaining useful parts of the control and coolant systems,” Stratfor explains.
“Given the large quantity of irradiated nuclear fuel in the pool, the radioactivity release could be worse than the Chernobyl nuclear reactor catastrophe of 25 years ago,” said Kevin Camps, a nuclear waste specialist.

Prior to the explosion of the containment structure, exposure rates outside the plant were at about 620 millirems per hour. Radiation exposure for the average individual is 620 millirems per year. Virtually any increase in ambient radiation can raise long-term cancer rates, and authorities distributed iodine, which helps protect against thyroid cancer, The Oregonian reports.

As the image above illustrates, the prevailing jet stream moves from Japan to the United States across the Pacific Ocean. Airborne radiation would work its way into the jet stream and reach the United States in less than 36 hours. Jet streams flow from west to east in the upper portion of the troposphere.

By downplaying this serious disaster, the Japanese government is not only endangering its own people, but also millions of people in the United States and Canada.
The cover-up by the Japanese government provides more evidence that government cannot be trusted to safeguard the lives of its citizens.

VOLCANO ERUPTS IN JAPAN - SAKURAJIMA on top of 8.9 quake ! 3/11/11

Our Future

Our Future
by Nki-Louise Nesbit on Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 9:22am

A piercing look into our own worlds pain. The events that have taken place over the last few days have caught the eyes and hearts of millions. With psychic evaluations proven right? Mind boggling thoughts of terrorism, acts of kindness have disappeared as the world goes into submission. A hold back in which those of us have taken our energy only to worry and spread news of a possible WWIII on our hands. Could this be the fall of mankind?

Fortunately, the fall of mankind has been in effect since the first day. So everyone can take a moment to rest, and then move on with their busy lives. This world has been in the making for thousands of years, only to become a desolate in one way or another. Run by ignorant and self proclaimed government, each country has its own deliberate fool terrorizing its own people.

Though we all feel for the people of Japan and those affected, and my own personal prayers go out to those in hand. What more can we do? The higher percentage of our population either can't afford to help, or they just don't. Those that do, their money gets eaten away by the companies of those in hand who claim to be of a union to help support those in war and disaster. While starving, and broken families with not a belonging to their name but the clothes on their backs starve and cry for help. The unions sit comfortably while shipping off clean water and garbage food substitutes.

I remember when I approached the Red Cross when a devastated Haiti was hit this time last year. I was told I couldn't send clothing and food. Only money. Really? So when does such a higher name of support not take in food and clothing donations to a place where everything is lost. Where people scavenge and fight for those simple necessities. Only money. Of course, they had their explanation of it would cost this and that, and on and on about how money was the better option as they would be able to decide what was needed. Last I saw on the news at that time was truck loads of rice and water being bombarded by hundreds of starving people. Good on you Red Cross. Millions of donations from around the world and all you can afford is rice. Funny enough, all I had to do was go to the Church across the street from my house to send the clothing and food donations.

Faith v.s. Unions

I don't push faith, it's not up to me to chose someones religion or anti-religion. Whether it be an act of God or a simple Science. This world will demolish its very own. The fact that each sole person can sit and await it while worrying makes me ill. Did we forget how to live?

In the 1940's, thousands of millions fought to stay alive so descendants and yes, even ethnicities apart could be here today. They lived to the fullest, even in the event of their death. In their last moments, fighting to stay alive. Only for a world to be brought together not by journey or travel, but by internet. Now, the internet has brought a great deal to this world. Connection. Promotions. News. Sports, with live streaming. Music. Even random videos to make us laugh. All of this out of the good of one mans heart and mind. But where did the genuine "live and learn" experiences go?

Haarp. Have you heard of this? I suggest you google it. Ridiculously, this is what brought me here today. Tip of the Iceberg. Wake up people.

Our future, destined to end. Not because of War, or 2012 predictions. Not because a God planned it that way. And not from world crisis and disasters. Because, "No One Lives Forever". And that's just the way it is.

No one person, not even a country can reach out and stop this irrelevant path of life. So when you wake up to tune into the latest news of how the world is coming to an end, I just want to remind everyone how you ware wasting "Your" special time on this planet. Your life. If you want to help, then help. Just realize you are here for a reason, and we all have to keep on our paths to find that reason.

If your family woke up tomorrow, and you were gone. What memory would you leave behind? Just think about it before you waste your time sitting in front of a television set or a computer.

Get up and DO SOMETHING. Do it for you. Do it for others. War is only an ocean away. Would you not fight for your family, your children, for your country and your own freedom?

Well, there you go. Then why wouldn't you fight for your very own free life here on earth. We can't change everything, but we can live. To the fullest. Don't be afraid to take a vow to "Your Own Self". Through good or bad, in sickness or in health, till death to "You" part.

Live. It's that simple.
Your future lays in the heart of your own soul, and the moldings of your own hands.
Create, Build, Live.

-Nki Louise

Japan Tsunami Update: Nuclear Power Plant in Meltdown

TOKYO— A day after Japan’s devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, core meltdown is underway the Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant and, at this point, appears to be unstoppable. A mid-afternoon blast on Saturday demolished the structure housing an overheated and leaking reactor, raising the probability of a full-scale nuclear disaster, which could release radiation across the U.S. and even parts of Europe.

Just past noon in Japan, the Industrial Nuclear Safety Agency reported that the radioactive isotopes cesium and iodine had been detected by a monitoring station near the Fukushima plant. The facility has six reactors, three of them operating at the time of the earthquake. Two of these are overheating and Reactor 1 is leaking radioactive particles into the atmosphere.

The presence of these isotopes in air samples is a sure indicator of an uncontrolled chain reaction. Japanese nuclear engineers are explaining that overheated uranium rods seared through their metal casings, triggering the start of nuclear fission. The regulatory agency's statement contradicts the earlier claim of the plant’s operator, TEPCO, that all uranium rods were intact.

The afternoon explosion, which injured four workers, is hampering efforts by emergency workers to pump cold water into the reactor and release steam through safety valves. The internal steam pressure inside the reactor vessel is more than twice the approved level of the original design.

Truck-mounted generators have restored electrical power. The government has been frantically trying to locate robots to reopen the control room, which is now 1,000 times more radioactive than safe levels for humans. The cooling water is being provided by a common fire engine.

If temperatures and internal pressure cannot be significantly lowered soon, the likelihood of a fractured reactor barrier is increased. If the reactor shell cracks, the internal water will vaporize, creating conditions for uncontrolled fission and massive radioactive releases into the atmosphere.

Over the past 24 hours, the evacuation area for local residents has been widened from a diameter of three kilometers to 20 kilometers (12.4 miles). Over the same time period, outdoor radiation levels have risen from eight times higher than normal to 20 times higher, according to the monitoring station near Fukushima No.1.

Explosion and smoke plumes at Japanese nuclear plant

(click title for

Friday, March 11, 2011

Qew calls out Charlie Sheen on Twitter

@charliesheen my favourite warlock, i hope you use your platform to expand and discuss real issues, be the fearless leader the sheeple need

@charliesheen there are more important things n this world than making money, legacy.bring 20 questions to the president to the NEXT LEVEL

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis 2011

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

#1 Secret Why Gold & Silver Prices Will Continue to Explode Higher

#1 Secret Why Gold & Silver Prices Will Continue to Explode Higher (SHORT VERSION)

Why gold/silver prices will explode higher in 2011 and coming years. The fraudulent nature of the global monetary system exposed. Also visit

If money is not printed as debt under a true gold standard there is no need for any citizen to pay tax to pay off interest on the national debt. This is by far the largest chunk of the 33% we cut away in the example. The other portion of the 33% chunk consists of gov't transfer payments, which would be unnecessary under a gold standard. If there is no need to pay tax to pay interest to bankers on all money that is created, then people would have more money AND a steady purchasing power that they do not have under our current system. Thus, nobody would need the services provided by any transfer payments. Other "transfer" payments just consist of taxes that serve as a "wealth transfer", transferring money from citizens to the owners of the Fed Reserve that could be abolished under a true gold standard. Remember when Kennedy backed US dollars with silver? The money was printed with the words "United States Note", NOT "Federal Reserve Note". The tax we say would not exist under a gold standard actually disappeared under a real life example with these Kennedy notes (while they lasted). And as far as Soc. Security, people wouldn't need SS because their wealth would soar and SS would become obsolete. So it's a reality that there would be no need for SS under a TRUE gold standard.

the first US income tax imposed was in 1861. 3% on income above $800. In 1862, this increased to 5% on all income above $100,000. But the gov't removed income taxes completely from 1862 to 1900 there was NO income tax. When the US Federal Reserve came into existence, the top tax bracket skyrocketed from 7% to 77% in just 5 years from 1913 to 1918.

Japan Earthquake 2011: 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits, 30-Foot Tsunami Triggered

Live Streaming Footage of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Watch live video from CNN LIVE NEWS STREAM on

CBC News Stream

Stream videos at Ustream


Live TV : Ustream

TOKYO -- Japan was struck by a magnitude-8.9 earthquake off its northeastern coast Friday, triggering a 13-foot (4-meter) tsunami that washed away cars and tore away buildings along the coast near the epicenter.

In various locations along Japan's coast, TV footage showed severe flooding, with dozens of cars, boats and even buildings being carried along by waters. A large ship swept away by the tsunami rammed directly into a breakwater in Kesennuma city in Miyagi prefecture, according to footage on public broadcaster NHK.

Officials were trying to assess possible damage from the quake but had no immediate details.

The quake that struck 2:46 p.m. was followed by a series of aftershocks, including a 7.4-magnitude one about 30 minutes later. The U.S. Geological Survey upgraded the strength of the first quake to a magnitude 8.9.

The meteorological agency issued a tsunami warning for the entire Pacific coast of Japan. National broadcaster NHK was warning those near the coast to get to safer ground.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii said a tsunami warning was in effect for Japan, Russia, Marcus Island and the Northern Marianas. A tsunami watch has been issued for Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and the U.S. state of Hawaii.

The quake struck at a depth of six miles (10 kilometers), about 80 miles (125 kilometers) off the eastern coast, the agency said. The area is 240 miles (380 kilometers) northeast of Tokyo.

In downtown Tokyo, large buildings shook violently and workers poured into the street for safety. TV footage showed a large building on fire and bellowing smoke in the Odaiba district of Tokyo.

In central Tokyo, trains were stopped and passengers walked along the tracks to platforms.

Footage on NHK from their Sendai office showed employees stumbling around and books and papers crashing from desks.

Several quakes had hit the same region in recent days, including a 7.3 magnitude one on Wednesday.

Thirty minutes after the quake, tall buildings were still swaying in Tokyo and mobile phone networks were not working. Japan's Coast Guard has set up task force and officials are standing by for emergency contingencies, Coast Guard official Yosuke Oi said.

"I'm afraid we'll soon find out about damages, since the quake was so strong," he said.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Japan Earthquake Live Footage 8.9 Earthquake

Japan Earthquake Live Footage 8.9 Earthquake

A massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake has struck off Japan's northeastern coast, triggering a four meter tsunami that washed away cars along parts of the coastline.

Video from national broadcaster NHK showed dozens of cars, large ferries and some buildings being swept out to sea in the port city of Kamaishi in the province of Iwate.

The Japanese Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami warming for the entire Pacific coast of Japan following the quake that struck about 125 kilometers off the eastern coast, at a depth of 10 kilometers. Residents in the coastal areas have been urged to immediately evacuate to higher ground.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in the U.S. state of Hawaii said a tsunami warning was also in effect for Russia, Marcus Island and the Northern Marianas. It said a tsunami watch was issued for Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Hawaii.

Friday's massive quake was felt in Tokyo, where it shook buildings and caused several fires. The Tokyo metro system says all train and subway traffic in the city has been stopped.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has convened an emergency meeting of the Cabinet to assess the situation.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Destiny by Qew

Destiny by Qew

When Men Become Truly Free

When Men Become Truly Free

there comes a time in the lives of men

when the ruthless and criminally insane

who rule the masses for their own gain

make the fatal mistake of enjoying too much

their psychopathic entertainment

and take too far their need to tread men down

by destroying any sense of a secure life

and taking away each and every freedom

stealing the last piece of wealth they possess

so they cannot even care for their own

stifling their voice with laws and corruption

beating them down with rule by force

where no justice exists for those being played

and there is no direction left for men to turn

when this insane game is taken this far

comes the time when men have nothing left to lose

this is the time when the minds of men are freed

it is the time when man loses his fear of death

this is the time when a man becomes invincible

he becomes free to do whatever he must do

without fear for his life or for his future

he will take control of the destiny of the world

away from the bloodied hands of the soulless

any action he takes he will take with a surety

that he must do something for he has no future

so the act he chooses will be all the greater

for when faced with oblivion and with no way out

he will take down as many of his oppressors with him

gladly die in a selfless act to change the world's future

this day is coming soon as it always does

the perverse minds of evil always self-destruct

as their addiction to our suffering can never be sated

exerting control for their paranoia and fear of men

for every good man would take down these brutes

every free man would give himself up for his brothers

for a man with nothing left becomes fully empowered

and he is the most unassailable weapon against evil