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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Osamacide - the truth about the Osama bin Laden operation (Rap News)

Here Is What Happens After Greece Defaults

Volcano erupts beneath glacier in Iceland

"The Grimsvotn volcano under the Vatnajokull glacier in Iceland was erupting Saturday, according to the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

Australian Federal Police could become carbon cops

"The Australian Federal Police could be required to investigate new climate change offences under Julia Gillard’s carbon tax, sparking concerns over the agency’s resourcing."

The War on Drugs is a War on Consciousness

We are told that the 'war on drugs' is being waged, on our behalf, by our governments and their armed bureaucracies and police forces, to save us from ourselves. 'Potential for abuse and harm' are supposed to be the criteria by which the use of drugs is suppressed - the greater a drug's potential for abuse and harm, the greater and more vigorous the degree of suppression, and the more draconian the penalties applied against its users.

Fukushima’s Apocalyptic Threat Demands a Global Response

'Apocalypse Day' peaceful in Pacific, Europe

"It has been a fairly uneventful day for countries in the South Pacific despite claims from a California preacher the beginning of the Earth's destruction would start there on Saturday."

Models of Community: Alternatives to Corporate America

The Rise of ‘Sovereign Citizens’ (Video)

A slanted, but interesting story from CBS’ 60 Minutes:

This is a story about a group of Americans you’ve likely never heard of: they’re called “sovereign citizens.” Many don’t pay taxes, carry a driver’s license or hold a Social Security card. They have little regard for the police or the courts, and some have become violent.

The FBI lists them among the nation’s top domestic terror threats.

By some estimates, there are as many as 300,000 sovereign citizens in the U.S. And with the sluggish economy and mortgage mess, their ranks are growing.

More on 60 Minutes



The Twitter World Revolution

#WorldRevolution WWR instead of WWIII

Meet the News Boss...

Scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA

Less than 50 Years of Oil Left, HSBC Warns

Spanish protesters cheer for ‘world revolution’ as ban on demonstration takes effect

Apocalypse not now: The Rapture fails to materialise | World news |

Tutorial: How To Get Around Government Censorship Of YouTube Videos

Marijuana could be an “exit drug”

By Marjorie Childress 4/29/10 1:04 PM
An often heard assertion about marijuana is that it’s a “gateway drug,” one that leads young people into using more dangerous drugs over time. But new research and programs are now examining its potential as an exit drug.
A recent study of a medical marijuana patients group found that a significant number of them were using the drug as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs

Friday, May 20, 2011

Alta. man accused of $450M internet fraud - Edmonton - CBC News

Spain's "Social Network" Protests Enter 4th Day

First twitter and facebook took down several North African regimes where Ben Bernanke drove the people to a hunger-based desperation, now twitter is poised to topple the Spanish government. At least that appears to be the conventional wisdom in Spain, where for the fourth day people across the country are protesting record high (21%) unemployment and various other economic slowdown after effects. CNN reports on the latest out of Spain.

Statement From the Family of Osama bin Laden

I Omar Ossama Binladin and my brothers the lawful children and heirs of the Ossama Binladin (OBL) have noted wide coverage of the news of the death of our father, but we are not convinced on the available evidence in the absence of dead body, photographs, and video evidence that our natural father is dead. Therefore, with this press statement, we seek such conclusive evidence to believe the stories published in relation to 2 May 2011 operation Geronimo as declared by the President of United States Barrack Hussein Obama in his speech that he authorized the said operation and killing of OBL and later confirmed his death.

Activist Post: Attack on Iran Imminent With Accusation of 9/11 Role?

Massive Texas Drinking Water Radiation Cover-Up Exposed: Top Gov Officials Knew All Along And Kept Silent

"An investigative report by a local Houston Texas news stations reveals numerous top-level Texas Government officials participated in a massive cover upof dangerous levels of radiation in Texas drinking water."

US Debt And The Presidents Responsible

The Animated Apocalypse: The "Day Of Rapture" For Dummies

100 Ways To Become More Conscious: How To Raise Your Consciousness

Fukushima Worker Internal Radiation Level Hits 30,000 CPM As Radiation Poisoning Cover Up Continues

China Becomes World’s Larest Gold Buyer - Buys 93.5 Tonnes Of Gold Coins / Bars in Q1 - Gold Ownership Rising From Miniscule Levels

Confessions of an Economic Hitman Extended

Revolution in Spain LIVE STREAMING

Man Flies Across Grand Canyon With Jetpack

Government Orders You Tube To Censor Protest Videos - Alex Jones' Infowars

Government Orders You Tube To Censor Protest Videos 200511top

I ME MINE: Obama praises CIA for bin Laden raid, while saying 'I' 37 times...

Earthquake Hits The Coast Of Libya

The Establishment Eliminates A Threat - Alex Jones' Infowars

Shrinking The Public Service To Reduce The Deficit

The Rich Are About To Get Very, Very Rich: Study Finds Global Millionaire Wealth Set To More Than Double By 2020

Toxic pesticides from GM food crops found in unborn babies

Pro Wrestler Randy 'Macho Man' Savage Dies in Car Accident - Fox News

Fox News
AP Pro wrestling superstar Randy "Macho Man" Savage died after having a heart attack while driving his Jeep Wrangler, Fox News confirms. A source tells Fox News that he "suffered a heart attack while driving and hit a tree." Florida Highway Patrol said ...

The Spanish are Rising (Video)

Assassination nation: Are there any limits on President Obama's license to kill? -

Israel's Netanyahu rejects Obama proposal on borders | Reuters

Fat, Dumb, and Happy

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Feel like a radiated sitting duck? Things you can do to mitigate the problem

Fed Nears Accord on How to Exit Record Stimulus With Timing Still Unclear - Bloomberg

We Are The Evolution - Alternative Media! (Video)

Obama Bombshell: New Birth Certificate a Forgery

This is getting a little ridiculous, even if they prove obama was born on the moon, it won't change a damn thing. It is all just a huge distraction psy-op. Just as the killing of osama is on their end.

We need to figure out what they are trying to distract us from. Apparently WWIII, with the very real possibility of nuclear war.

Stop arguing over the paperwork!


Video: Obama's Full Middle East Speech May 19, 2011

The subjects that obama addresses in this speech apply to America as well. I think he would be better off worrying about the problems in his own country, instead of "we’re going to start with Tunisia and Egypt."
He is busy talking about the rights of free speech and peaceful protest in the Middle East. Did you see what happened in Pittsburgh?
Americans should take his advice and do what he is talking about in their own country!

Bin Laden speaks from beyond the grave - ABC Online

He's dead and still we still gotta listen to this shit? I didn't buy it when he was alive.

Facebook And Google Team Up To Oppose Privacy Legislation


New Toys?! Its not even Christmas.

China to provide Pakistan 50 Thunder jets, talks for stealth on

Special team seizes more than 130,000 marijuana plants in B.C. in past year

and only 14 meth labs. Glad to see they have the right moral focus. What a joke.

They spend 4/5 of their drug budget on marijuana leaving 1/5 for all the Cocaine, Meth, Heroine, Crack and everything else under the sun.

It's time to get our priorities straight.

Former CSIS, RCMP operative denounced to US: WikiLeaks -

U.S. Will Not Pay $25 Million Osama Bin Laden Reward - ABC News

Strauss-Kahn released on $1 million bail

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - Dominique Strauss-Kahn was granted bail by a New York judge on Thursday, and the former IMF chief has vowed to fight charges that he tried to rape a hotel maid in Manhattan.

Busy Atlantic hurricane season forecast

"The current Atlantic hurricane season will produce an above-average 12 to 18 named storms, with six to 10 likely to become hurricanes, the U.S. National Weather Service forecasts."

Canadian Forces won't reveal Libya bombing stats

"How many bombs has Canada dropped so far in Libya? It's too risky to say, according to a military spokesperson, but the military wants more of them."

Harper to tour fire-ravaged Slave Lake

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper will join Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach in a tour of the fire-ravaged areas of Slave Lake on Friday."

World Revolution Not Seen on TV- Rallies Around the World- Please Repost

Canadian Mayor Diane Watts invites confessed Torturer. ACTIVISTS VOW TO ARREST BUSH in October

The War You Dont See

The Strauss Kahn Frame-Up

Triple bombing kills 27 at Iraqi police station

TSA morons conduct bomb drill in Minnesota airport, but don’t tell police - Alex Jones' Infowars

New ‘Behaviometrics’ Technology Allows Government To Know What You’re Thinking Alex Jones' Infowars

CIA/NSA’s Gen. Hayden Confronted on Destruction of American Privacy - Alex Jones' Infowars

Prosecutor: Former IMF leader indicted - Yahoo! News

Text of Obama’s Speech on the Middle East - Washington Wire - WSJ

Obama announces 'new chapter' in U.S. Mideast diplomacy -

Take the Sheeple Test

Alternative Media’s Stellar Ratings After Bin Laden Assassination Spectacle « TRUTH ◉ RSS ◉

50 Things Every American Should Know About The Collapse Of The Economy

What are the White House and the Federal Reserve Really Up to?

Obama's Mideast speech offers punishment, praise

Japanese economy slides into recession

"Japan's economy contracted sharply in the first quarter, veering back into recession as factory production and consumer spending wilted in the aftermath of March 11 earthquake and tsunami."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Anonymous plans UFO hoax « Follow The Money

Cores damaged at three reactors..China syndrome?

Canadian Border Bigger Terror Threat Than Mexican Border, Says Border Patrol Chief...

Are We A Step Closer To Reading Minds?


Worldometers - real time world statistics

BBC News - 'Free-floating' planets found with no star in sight

CDC Warns Public to Prepare for 'Zombie Apocalypse' -

The Major Floods Haven't Even Started Yet

"SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- It's late May but snow keeps falling in the Rockies, adding to record snowpack that could mean major flooding come spring melt. Northern Utah mountains could see up to a foot of fresh snow this week with a weather system that is dropping rain elsewhere and will soon head toward Colorado and Wyoming...."

Gates Says 'Somebody' in Pakistan Knew about Bin Laden - New York Times

CBS News

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said on Wednesday that while he surmised that “somebody” inside Pakistan was aware that Osama bin Laden was hiding in a compound in the Pakistani garrison town of Abbottabad, ...

Alberta promises $50M in wildfire aid - Canada - CBC News

Dorothy Parvaz: Inside Syria's secret prisons - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Here We Go: China, Pakistan joined in bonds of brotherhood

"Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani's visit to China on May 17 is an important event of the '2011 China-Pakistan Friendship Year' and will certainly open a new chapter in China-Pakistan relations under the new international environment and historical conditions. History has proven that as neighboring countries with different ideologies, the relationship between China and Pakistan is rock-solid and timeless, and the most important reason is the solid foundation that holds together China-Pakistan relations."

Modern Day Slavery

"ROME (Reuters) - Up to 27 million people are modern-day slaves, and migrants fleeing violence in North Africa are among those most at risk of being exploited, a senior U.S. official said on Wednesday.

Activists are Terrorists - AP

Iran goes Nuclear

Guest Post: Indiana Supreme Court Dispenses With Magna Carta, Constitution

Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man

Constitution toilet paper Indiana Supreme Court dispenses with Magna Carta, Constitution

Fukushima Radiation Levels off the charts

Canadian postal workers could strike

"Preparations are being made for a possible postal strike as early as May 24, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers says."

Corn Jumps 30 Dollars for the second day in a row

Third Assassination Attempt on Gaddafi

World War 3 Bill Passed

Man still on food stamps despite winning $2M...

The Third Side. Feat: Charlie Veitch

New Al Qaeda Leader Claims He Has Nothing To Do With Al Qaeda, Calls 9/11 A “Fabrication”

The death of Bin Laden and other lies -- Connecting the Dots


Update 2011:

The breakfast drink that could become a luxury item: Squeeze on oranges sends the price of juice soaring

Read more:

Canadians secretly added to U.S. security list: WikiLeaks - Canada - CBC News

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Canada's principal intelligence agency, routinely transmits to U.S. authorities the names and personal details of Canadian citizens who are suspected of, but not charged with, what the agency refers to as "terrorist-related activity."

Man to be released from custody in G20 security case -

TORONTO — A 38-year-old computer security expert is getting out of jail today after spending 10 months in custody in a case related to G20 security. Byron Sonne (SUNNY) of Toronto is to be released on a $250000 recognizance after being charged with ...
Final jailed G20 suspect released on bail WednesdayCityNews
G20 accused Sonne out on bail; strict limits on Web use, leaving homeToronto Star

all 16 news articles »

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lady Gaga second place to the Truth Movement with just 10 million followers

9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!

well as in the archives of the main news media sites. LEARN THE REAL TRUTH AT 9/11 explosions bombs controlled demolition 911 ...
by NufffRespect  4 years ago  21,907,581

Corn Goes up 37 Dollars in 1 day!

Japan just can't catch a break.. Super-volcano Warning

Secret Service Interrogates 7th Grader For Facebook Post

US Ready To Swap Occupation of Afghanistan For War On Pakistan?

Declassified! WMD Intel Fabricated To Justify Iraq Invasion For “Prize” Of Oil

Secret papers, just declassified reveal that top British Officials and Intelligence agents conspired together in a plan to oust Saddam Hussein nearly 18 months before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The classified documents reveal top officials wanted to remove Saddam, not to stop the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction as we have all been told, but instead for the “prize” of new security to oil supplies. In fact, documents show that top British officials fabricated the intelligence reports showing that Iraq was producing weapons of mass destruction to justify invading Iraq. The fabrication of the intelligence reports were all part of a propaganda campaign to convince the public and officials in Britain and the US, who were not part of the conspiracy, that there was an urgent need to invade Iraq.

Victoria one step closer to having light rail

Conde Nast Publications Is Nearing Deal to Move to One World Trade Center - Bloomberg


Conde Nast Publications Inc., publisher of magazines including the New Yorker and Vanity Fair, said it is near an agreement to move its headquarters to downtown Manhattan's 1 World ...

Canada's Afghan training mission details revealed

"As Canadians were heading to the polls at the beginning of May, the first soldiers taking part in Canada's new training mission in Afghanistan were already on their way to Kabul."

Extremely Radioactive Sewage Engulfs Over 65 KM Radius From Fukushima Nuclear Plant

by Alexander Higgins via The Alexander Higgins Blog.

Deadly Horse Herpes Virus Outbreak Spreads To 4 States, Canada...

Manitoba flood cost $200M and rising -

Overland flooding along Highway 26 at St. Francois Xavier, Man., gives a small look at the extent of the flooding. The flooding in Manitoba, which has damaged homes and displaced hundreds, has already cost more than $200 million to fight, ...
Swollen Manitoba river is slowly subsiding; premier talks compensationThe Canadian Press
Soldiers shore up Assiniboine River dikeWinnipeg Free Press
Flood Fight Focus Shifts To Lake ManitobaCJOB
Vancouver Sun -CityNews
all 164 news articles »

Tax breaks for oil companies likely to continue - CBS News

Oil company executives, from left, Chevron CEO John Watson; Shell Oil President Marvin Odum; BP America Chairman H. Lamar McKay; ConocoPhillips CEO James Mulva; and Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson appear on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, May 12, ...

Manitobans question controlled flood spill

"Some residents in Manitoba's controlled flood area are wondering if the spill was necessary now that the Assiniboine River has peaked without major incident in Brandon and at points near Portage la Prairie."

Canadian border a bigger threat: U.S. official

"The U.S. border with Canada is a 'more significant threat' to American security than the Mexican border, a senior Homeland Security official says."

Canadian Wildfire Forces Entire Town to Flee, Slave Lake Alberta

Pakistan NATO helicopters: NATO helicopters crossed into airspace, Pakistan says -

Fukushima Daiichi to Stabilize in 6 Months, Japan Says -

The Canadian Press: Refugees from massive fire in Alberta demand to know if homes still standing

Disney Trademarks The Words Seal Team Six 2 Days After Allegedly Killing Bin Laden

Here is a story just in case you needed anymore proof that we live in a truly backwards, upside down society.

Disney Trademarks ‘Seal Team 6′

50 Things Every American Should Know About The Collapse Of The Economy

"The Economic Collapse | Right now, we are witnessing a truly historic collapse of the economy."

Chemtrails In Hawaii: Investigating Chemtrails And Geoengineering

The Intel Hub Shepard Ambellas May 16, 2011 Investigating Chemtrails Geoegngineering Maui has had the driest weather in recorded history over the last few years. This dryness is likely linked to Geoengineering activities based on the governmental operations of the USGCRP which The Intel Hub reported on in early 2011. Chemtrails, weather modification, and geoengineering [...]"

May 21st Doomsday Debunked and Exposed


The blogoshpere is ripe and a buzz with notions of doomsday and judgement day on May 21, 2011, just days away…Given the curiosity factor as to why this date is popping up on the Internet, a little investigation was in order, and this is the short story.
Apparently this started with someone named ‘Harold Camping‘ who predicts “the Rapture will be on May 21, 2011 and God will completely destroy the Earth and the universe five months later on October 21″.

Astronomers Begin Search For Alien Signals From 86 Earth-Like Planets


A new survey is under way to search for signs of intelligent extraterrestrial life, but this one has a twist: Instead of listening for alien signals from anywhere in the sky, scientists are aiming radio telescopes at the alien planets most likely to be like our own Earth.

Congress Proposes Bill to Allow Worldwide War ... Including INSIDE the U.S.

Americans who have been paying attention are outraged that Bush lied us into Iraq by making up false claims about weapons of mass destruction and pretending that Saddam Hussein had a hand in 9/11.

Many are disgusted that Obama got us into a war in Libya without Congressional authorization.

But as the ACLU noted
yesterday, Congress is going even further ... proposing handing
permanent, world-wide war-making powers to the president - including the
ability to make war within the United States:

Why College Conspiracy Is A Much Watch Film For Canadians

Pakistan and NATO Forces Clash

Reports from Bloomberg, Ap, NY Times, and CNN are coming in about a firefight that took place on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border on Monday. Hopefully this situation does not escalate into world war 3! Since the Canadian armed forces are already in Libya on a NATO mission (without any debate), we need to stand strong and make sure that the Canadian government knows that Canadians will not be complacent with our men and woman in uniform taking part in NATO’s quest for domination.

EXCELLENT VIDEO: Jordan Page - "The Light of Revolution" (Ron Paul 2012 song)

10 Indications The United States Is A Dictatorship

"For a people to be free, they must first be honest with themselves, their government, and the world at large. History is filled with stories of free nations that fell under the spell cast by their governments who exploited the threat of terror."

Toxic Levels Of Barium And Aluminum Found In Several Mohave County Arizona Residents

The Intel Hub By Alex Thomas May 16th, 2011 Mohave County citizens, angered by outright toxic chemtrail operations, have had their blood tested for barium and aluminum with startling results. The existence of a large scale Geoengineering operation over the skies of America, and the world for that matter, has, at this point, been heavily [...]"

While You Were Sleeping, They Abolished the Fourth Amendment

"Paul Joseph Watson | Debate Over: The United States has official entered the annuls of history as a Soviet-style police state."

Syrian agents break up Aleppo protest

"Dozens of students reportedly injured in second-largest city as authorities continue to crack down on protesters."

NATO “cannot reach me” Gaddafi says

Israel-Palestinian violence erupts on three borders


Indiana Supreme Court Dispenses With Magna Carta, Constitution

"Simon Black | The right to protect oneself and one’s property against unlawful entry is the hallmark of any free civilization."

Feds Close Mississippi River

New Billion Dollar Man

Immigrants for Sale

Monday, May 16, 2011

Radiation Levels Higher Than Chernobyl Evacuation Limits Span Over 800 Square KM in Japan

US Debt Ceiling Reached

Aids Vaccine Works in Monkeys

Breaking News - Man Cured of Aids

Please try and get banned from by qew

Make your best attempt to be banned from this site.  Come up with the most controversial ail subject you can think of. You will not be banned.

Free Speech rules here, anything goes.


Dichloroacetate and cancer by qew

Category: Science

Posted on: May 16, 2011 10:02 AM, by PZ Myers
So many people have sent me this sensationalistic article, "Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice", that I guess I have to respond. I sure wish it were true, but you should be able to tell from how poorly it is written and the ridiculous inaccuracies (mitochondria are cells that fight cancers?) that you should be suspicious. The radical, exaggerated claims make the truth of the story highly unlikely.
Researchers at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada have cured cancer last week, yet there is a little ripple in the news or in TV. It is a simple technique using very basic drug. The method employs dichloroacetate, which is currently used to treat metabolic disorders. So, there is no concern of side effects or about their long term effects.
The simple summary is this: that claim is a lie. There have been no clinical trials of dichloroacetate (DCA) in cancer patients, so there is no basis for claiming they have a cure; some, but not all, cancers might respond in promising ways to the drug, while others are likely to be resistant (cancer is not one disease!); and there are potential neurotoxic side effects, especially when used in conjunction with other chemotherapies.
So we have one popular account that is badly written and makes exaggerated claims. There is also a university press release, the source for the sloppy popular account, that doesn't contain the egregious stupidities but does tend to inflate basic research studies into an unwarranted clinical significance. And then, of course, there are the actual peer reviewed papers that describe the research and rationale, and also the reservations, on DCA. It's like a game of telephone: you can actually trace the account from the sober science paper to the enthusiastic press release to the web account with its extravagant claims of a simple, cheap cure for cancer, and see how the story is gradually corrupted. It would be funny if the final result wasn't going to dupe a lot of desperate people.
But there is a germ of truth to the story, in that DCA does have potential. Here's how it works.

Bomb threat received in London by qew

Police man a cordon on the Mall outside Buckingham Palace

Whitehall officials said the call with the coded warning came from a number in the Irish Republic on Sunday evening.
The threat level for Northern Ireland-related terrorism, which stands at severe, has not been changed.
Streets around the Mall were closed on Monday morning in a security alert which police said was unrelated.
The warning comes ahead of the Queen's historic visit to the Republic of Ireland on Tuesday, amid a massive security operation.
Vigilance urged
The Metropolitan Police said the threat was not specific regarding location or time.
A Scotland Yard spokesman said in a statement: "All officers have been advised to be highly vigilant to ensure the safety of London."
The public were urged to go about their normal business but to look out for "unusual activity or behaviour".
Earlier on Monday, The Mall and Carlton House Terrace were closed after a security alert was sparked by a break-in at Carlton Gardens.
The break-in is thought to have taken place at 2 Carlton Gardens, which houses the Institute for Government think tank.
That is adjacent to the foreign secretary's residence, where William Hague is believed to have been at the time.

The Death of Osama bin Laden: Results of the survey! by qew

Stunning video, a glimpse into what a post apocalyptic world might look like by qew

Letter to GLP regarding free speech bans by qew

to the glp mods

this is getting ridiculous. i am an active member and chat in the room all the time. many of the mods chat with me on a regular basis and none seem to have beef.

i get banned every other day, sometimes it is my fault i admit, once i spoke morris code, another time i posted a banned video. and got caught in the autoban, but the rest i have no idea!! i just want to feel welcome here and contribute what i can, getting banned for no good reason every day is really making it frustrating to use your site.

now it seems chaoticfate has been added to the autoban

can you please inform me of what i am doing wrong so i can fix it. or maybe a link to all the bans and rules you have?

thanks and i hope we can co-exist peacefully, if we can't do it here then what chance does this world have?


For NASA, No Time for Tears After 2nd-to-Last Shuttle Launch by qew

Clara Moskowitz, Senior Writer

Date: 16 May 2011 Time: 12:52 PM ET
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