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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Exposing Kony 2012: phony youth movement promotes US military presence in Africa

Exposing Kony 2012: phony youth movement promotes US military presence in Africa:

A phony youth movement – Kony 2012 – is being used as a propaganda operations to promote US military intervention and instigate regime change in several African nations.

By Nile Bowie
Contributing writer for End the Lie
Edward Bernays believed that society could not be trusted to make rational and informed decisions on their own, and that guiding public opinion was essential within a democratic society.
Don’t forget to check out our exclusive coverage of Kony all the way back in October of last year.
Bernays founded the Council on Public Relations and his 1928 book,Propaganda cites the methodology used in the application of effective emotional communication. He discovered that such communication is capable of manipulating the unconscious in an effort to produce a desired effect – namely, a capacity to manufacture mass social adherence in support of products, political candidates and social movements.
Nearly a century after his heyday, Bernays’ methodology is apparent in almost every form of civic and consumer persuasion. The platform of social media is being used in unprecedented new ways, one such example is a new online documentary about the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), an extremist rebel group operating in Central Africa.
The documentary is unprecedented, not for its educational attributes but for its capacity to use visual branding, merchandising and highly potent emotional communication to influence the viewer to support US military operations in resource rich Central Africa under the pretext of capturing the LRA’s commander, Joseph Kony.


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