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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don’t Give Your DNA To The O.P.P And You Are A Suspect!

ORANGEVILLE – Police have the genetic fingerprint of the man who killed Sonia Varaschin. The problem is that they don’t know who it belongs to yet, OPP Const. Peter Leon said Wednesday. Investigators are now seeking voluntary mouth swabs to either eliminate people who knew the nurse, or to snare her killer.

“We have your DNA and it’s only a matter of time” before the suspect is arrested, Leon said.

“Your time is running out,” he said in a message directly to the killer.

He said the DNA was found at one of the three crime scenes. Leon said the process has not yet started but police said they will be contacting the people they’ve identified for a swab. He said he couldn’t reveal how many men are going to be approached. “If they have picked up and moved,” police will track them down, Leon said.

Leon said if a person refuses to provide a swab, investigators will wonder why. Those who don’t provide DNA, they will “be part of the investigation,” he said.

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? To include individuals in a criminal investigation because they refuse a so called “voluntary” DNA test, is a slap in the face of the rule of law! The Sun article also goes on to say that the DNA samples will be destroyed after the investigation closes. Yeah just like the TSA in the States does with the naked body scanner images right?

When do we stand up and say no more of this police state harassment?

The presidence is being set! Already in Ontario the police investigate themselves in cases of wrong doing by a officer. The big brother camera systems are being installed at a unprecedented pace, police budgets are soaring during a time of low crime rates and austerity measures in most other government departments. And now the Ontario provincial police are openly side stepping the rule of law, to catch criminals.

This is a very slippery slope! That we seem to gaining momentum on very rapidly.


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