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Friday, May 27, 2011

Spanish Police Beat And Shoot Peaceful Protesters And Journalists (pictures and video)

In attempt to crack down on the peaceful protests spreading all over Europe that originated in spain, police have been dispatched to disperse the protesters who refuse to move. Watch as the Spanish Police Beat And Shoot Peaceful Protesters and Journalists.

The mainstream media remains silent as if the protests aren’t even happening. Will president Obama give Spain the same ultimatum to stop cracking down on peaceful protesters that he has given to Libya and Syria? The Associated Press and Reuters report that 121 people were injured by the police crackdown in Spain today.
The report of 121 injuries followed a BBC report of dozens of reported injuries earlier today.

Dozens injured after riot police and youths collision Barcelona

barcelona clashes

The riot police cracked down hard this morning against sit-in demonstration of young people in Barcelona. AP Photo / Emilio Morenatti
by Pim van den Dool

AbroadSpanish riot police have intervened hard this morning when a youth demonstration in the Plaza de Cataluna in Barcelona. Including through the use of rubber bullets and batons on the square there were dozens of wounded.

About fifty people held a sit-in demonstration in a makeshift tent camp and blocked the road for trucks of the local appliance. The police arrived a few minutes then collided with the young demonstrators. In the confrontation between police and young people were a total of 43 minor injuries, including a cop. Five people were taken to hospital.

Source: BBC NL
Here are some videos of the protests and the violent police crackdown

Spanish Police beat on innocent protesters in a crowd and even on a journalist taking photos.

Indignats | Desallotjament de la Plaça Catalunya

Spanish Police Beat And Shoot Peaceful Protesters, Journalists

Retirada de Mossos de Plaza Cataluña. Desalojo 27-M

This video shows the Spanish Police beating protesters and even driving by in vehicle and shooting protesters.

More protests are scheduled all over Europe this weekend.

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