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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We are many. They are few.

Why do you accept this? Why do you allow yourself to go along with a system that you hate? You continue to go to your job to earn your pay check, just so you can have enough money to have a place to rest while your not at your job. You can barely afford to eat, when there is food all around you, and the left over money you do have is owed to a credit card company or bank. Have we gone mad as a society? I think the answer is obvious. 

How much longer will we go along with a global system that is obviously killing people and our planet? How much longer will we just go with the flow, waiting 15minutes at a McDonald's drive-though while our cars poison the air we breath as we wait for our mass produced, mutated, & abused cow paste on a bun.  What the fuckis wrong with us?

We know that when we buy any Apple product we are supporting child labor and other major human rights abuses. We know this, yet when the I Pad came out there were sold out stores and a huge demand for the product. Our society is so detached from humanity that we allow ourselves to over look evil, for instant gratification. (And I do not mean evil in a religious sense, but something that is just obviously wrong.)Some people even talk about it as they make the purchase! "I feel so bad for the little kid who had to make this I Pad for me, but everyone else is buying them so whats the difference? What's one more, besides it's already here." Justification achieved. Guilt is gone.

We have become selfish and inhumane as a society. We justify our insanity to maintain a lie. This is not completely our fault. The masses have fallen victim to a small group of "people" who rule them. People are bombarded with propaganda and distractions almost every minute they are awake.

But now there is no excuse. Information is everywhere, we all know the truth. Now we must rise up and say NO MORE OF THIS SHIT! No more will the many allow the few to ruin our planet and our lives. Stop supporting companies that you know are harmful. We can change things. We already are. 2011 is a year of global revolution. Quit your job! BRING DOWN THE SYSTEMS WE ALL HATE!!!  


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